Brexit & Packaging

The UK government has placed several documents and tools on its website that should help companies with the fact that the United Kingdom (UK) is soon leaving the European Union. This includes a roadmap that provides useful guidance documents in function of your activities. See: Prepare your business for the UK leaving the EU

In addition, for a certain number of areas a list of the arrangements that would come into force in the case of the UK leaving the European Union on 29/03/19 without a Brexit deal, has already been provided. This is the case for the following domains that have a link with packaging:

Classification, labelling and Packaging of chemicals (substances and mixtures)
See: Guidance on Classifying, labelling and packaging chemicals if there's no Brexit deal

Producing and labelling food 
See: Guidance on Producing and labelling food if there's no Brexit deal

Upholding environmental standards as well in the field of waste, air quality, water as in the field of protection of habitats and species
See: Guidance on upholding environmental standards if there’s no Brexit deal