Do you want to know? The world we live in depends on chemicals.

...Everything is chemistry, and chemistry is everywhere! It is highly unusual to find oneself in a building or vehicle unadorned with plastics, rubber or synthetic textiles. Moreover, these materials are intimately ingrained in our daily routines: e.g. toothbrushes, beauty articles, carrier bags, food as well as non-food packaging, mobile phones, computers, carpets, clothes, kitchenware, furniture and bedding, sporting goods and toys, etc. It is no understatement to say we live in a world dependent on chemicals [OECD-IEA 2018]. Moreover, it is no longer surprising that the numbers and volumes of chemicals in the environment are increasing at an unprecedented rate and that they have an irreversible anthropogenic impact on Earth [Svingen & Vinggaard 2016]....

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