Member in the spotlight: NO-NAIL BOXES

NO-NAIL BOXES offers fold boxes of (UN) collapsible plywood and steel for industry (4D/V)!

With more than 50 years of experience, NO-NAIL BOXES is the specialist in the production of collapsible/folding boxes in plywood and steel boxes for industry. Established in Wiltz (Luxembourg), the company produces almost 350.000 environmentally friendly boxes annually. Ninety five percent of these boxes are custom-made, thus responding to the specific needs of its clients.

NO-NAIL BOXES has over more than 50 models that are homologated (4 DV) (boxes in plywood). These boxes can contain until 400 kilos of dangerous products/goods. Every model guaranties a complete and effective treatment concerning the transport of all homologated products and this through air traffic, ground floor, overseas and through rail traffic. These UN boxes undergo the strictest of tests during homologation by a certified institute.

NO-NAIL BOXES collaborates since more than 20 years with the Belgian Institute of Packaging. That way, the company offer its clients a specific homologation.

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