1. Discount for IBE-BVI members and members of federations
2. The SME-portfolio
3. Alimento grants for food companies

1. Discount for IBE-BVI members and members of federations

       IBE-BVI members: 25% discount (*).

       Members of the following federations: COMEOS, ESSENSCIA, FETRA or FEVIA: 10% discount (*). 

       (*) These discounts are not cumulative

2. The SME-portfolio    


       The SME-portfolio is a grant for the benefit of the Flemish SME's and the professions which comply with following conditions:

       The grant is for the benefit of small and medium enterprises as defined in the European SME definition;
       The grant is for the benefit  of the establishment (and corresponding workers) situated in the Flemish Region;
       The grant is for the benefit of enterprises in the private sector  (participation of an administrative authority must be less than 25%);
       The grant is for the benefit of enterprises with an acceptable main activity.

        Npma are not eligible and can not use the SME-portfolio.

     SME-Portfolio - Section Training

         IBE-BVI is a recognized service provider in the framework of the SME-porfolio (approval n° DV.O105901).

        The Flemish Authority support your knowledge acquisition throug training with a 30 till 40% grant!

        For the section TRAINING the support of the Flemish Authority is 30 (medium entreprises) till 40% (small entreprises), with a maximum support of 10 to 15.000
        euro per calendar year.

        The VAT, the training material and the catering can not be paid with the SME-portfolio. These ineligible costs must be paid directly at IBE-BVI and must be
        deducted when you apply for a grant.

        The ineligible costs are: the VAT: 21% / the training material and the catering: for taining of 1/2 day: 8% of the total price and for training of 1 day or more: 15% of
         the total price.

         The eligible price for the training itself is limited at  € 90 (VAT excl.) per hour. In concreto this means that the grant per hour is limited at € 45.
         Please contact us before you apply for an SME-porfolio, we will inform you on the right amounts. Contact

3. Alimento for food companies   

       Food companies (PC 118 and PC 220) whichparticipate in IBE-BVI trainings can also apply for a grant of Alimento (coordinating body of IPV - Initiatives
       for the Professional Education of  food companies). The open training as well as the in company training are eligible for this kind of grant.

       Grants assigned by Alimento:
       € 70,00 per participant per half training day
       € 140,00 per participant per training day

       With a maximum of € 210,00 per half training day per company and € 420,00 per training day per company

       This grant will automatically be assigned to food companies.

       More info can be obtained from Marleen Calcoen (IBE-BVI) or Herbert Matthys and Ivo Francken (Alimento).