The Belgian Packaging Institute(IBE-BVI)   

IBE-BVI was created in 1954 on demand of the industry and the authorities.
IBE-BVI is promoting the rational use of packaging. BPI is actif in the field of legislation, information and education and also technically.
In order to do this IBE-BVI disposes of

  • an infocenter
  • a training center
  • a test center

The Lab with official accreditation (ISO 17025) delivers tests following standardised methods and procedures as well on materials as on packaging used in various sectors. In each department - dangerous goods, IBC's, child safe packaging, food contact, permeability, material analyses and transport and climate simulations – specialists are at your service.

Testing and Consultancy Packaging International (T&C PI)   

T&C PI is a subsidiary of the IBE-BVI Group