Climate and temperature tests

The Belgian Packaging Institute has 12 computer controlled rooms wherein both temperature and relative humidity can be controlled. Tropical conditions, standard conditions as well as summer and winter profiles etc…. can be simulated.

  • Qualification test

    A protocol is drawn up in consultation with the client for the qualification of the packaging. All test procedures and preconditions need to be described. Following approval of the protocol by the client, the necessary tests are carried out. All tests are performed in calibrated rooms and with calibrated measuring equipment. At the end of the tests an extensively documented report with charts, pictures and the required documentation is delivered.

  • Temperature shock test:

    In a shock test room, temperatures are simulated with extreme temperature variations up to  100K/min.

  • Salt spray testing

    Metal and non-metallic materials can suffer from degradation due to salt. The choice of the right material and the use of protective coatings is essential for extreme conditions. Accelerated corrosion testing are used to evaluate coatings on printed boards or coatings on materials.

  • Long duration - aging/weathering tests

    Materials are constantly exposed to all kinds of external influences such as temperature, moisture, UV irradiation and/or chemicals. The department Material analysis tests the resistance of products against those external influences. In addition to testing materials, the permeability (moisture permeability) of large packaging can also be investigated. The simulation of long duration (sea) transport is also possible.

  • Preconditioning for physical testing

    When preparing a product, a packaging or materials for mechanical testing, mostly conditioning requirements must be considered. BPI has several rooms where temperature and humidity can be set.

  • Preconditioning for temperature tests

    When performing qualification tests certain elements are often conditioned at different temperatures. Possible temperature ranges at BPI vary from -40°C up to 100°C. Those preconditionings are even possible for pallet packagings.

  • Preconditioning for transport simulation

    Sometimes it is necessary to precondition packaging prior to performing a transport simulation. By transporting goods in containers, temperature as well as the humidity degree can increase. Here too there is the possibility to condition different pallets simultaneously.

  • Temperature and climate testing

    Possible standards: IEC, DIN, ETS, MIL-STD,...
    BPI has several computer controlled rooms wherein both the temperature and the relative temperature can be fully controlled. In those rooms tropical conditions, standard conditions, as well as summer or winter profiles etc… can be simulated.