Material analysis

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We can determine the technical properties for paper, folding carton and corrugated board as well as for plastic materials, .

  • UV test

    UV testing on laboratory level – as in ASTM G53 – allows us to perform short term qualitative controls on materials instead of exposing the material during 5 to 10 years at the sunlight.
    The equipment has to comply with ASTM G53/96 and equipped with fluorescent UV-B lamps.

    The test samples are exposed in alternation to UV light and condensation in a repetitive cycle of 200 hours.
    The test cycle includes 8 hours UV radiation at a temperature of 60° C followed by 4 hours condensation at 50°C.

    After 200 hours exposure, the breaking strength and extension are determinated in accordance with ISO 13934-1.
    The obtained values are compared with the test samples conditioned in the dark on cool temperature.
    All load bearing materials of the FIBC must – after testing – maintain 50% of their original breaking strength and extension.

  • Corrugated board


    • • Expressed in g/m²
    • • standard: ISO 536, DIN 53104

    Burst resistance

    • • expressed in kPa
    • • normen: ISO 2759, DIN 53141

    Crush test

    • • expressed in kN/m
    • • standard: ISO 3035, ISO 3037, DIN 53134, DIN 53149

    Puncture resistance

    • • expressed in J
    • • standard: ISO 3036, DIN 5342

    COBB test

    • • expressed in g/m²
    • • standard: ISO 535

    Stifness (2-punts methode)
    Water resistant glueing
    4-point bending resistance

  • Plastic films

    Shear resistance

    • Elmendorfprincipal (tot 64.000 mN)
    • Standard:  ISO 1974, ISO 6383/2, ASTM D-1922.


    • Standard: ISO 4593.

    Tear resistance / elongation at break    

    • Standard: ISO 1184

    Shock – impact resistance - falling dart

    • Free falling dart method (ball drop method A en B)
    • Standard:  ISO 7765/1, ASTM D-1709.

    Puncture resistance

    • Standard: MIL STD 3010 method 2065


    • Standard: ASTM D 1746

    Tear resistance welding

    • Standard: ASTM F 88


    • Standard: ASTM D 2732


    • Standard: AFNOR T 54-101

    Friction coefficient (static en dynamic)

    • Standard: ISO 8295

    Hot Tack

    • Standard: F 1921 – 98

  • Bag testing

    Droptest paper bags: EN 27965-1

    Droptest thermoplastic films: ISO 7965-2

    Method of sampling for testing empty paper bags: EN 27023

    Measurement of paper bags: EN 26591-1

    Measurement of thermoplastic bags: EN 26591-2

  • Bags for household waste collection

    Plastic garbage bags: EN 13592 (for plastic bags as residual waste and PMD bags)
    checking the dimensions of the bags, thickness of the film, opacity, puncture resistance, drop tests, resistance of the sealing device.

    • types
    • Requirements
    • test methods

    Paper garbage bags: EN 13593

  • ICN quality requirements for archives, museum and libraries


  • NF X30-500 clinical waste

    Tests to be effectuated:

    • Conditioning at 23°C and 5°C
    • Puncture resistance
    • Drop test
    • Leakproofness test
    • Handle test