Packaging diagnosis

Packaging diagnosis - what can you expect?

1 - Half a day at your location

An expert will spend half a day at your location. The visit typically involves a tour of your warehouse or production environment and a detailed discussion concerning your packaging and products.
This discussion gives you an opportunity to provide the necessary background on your company, your customers and the sector in which you do business. Specific information on the production, transport, storage and consumption of your products is also considered. Finally, the scope of the packaging diagnosis is defined by mutual agreement so that you know exactly what to expect

2 - A thorough analysis of your packaging

The experts set to work using the information they have gathered from you. They make a complete assessment of your packaging, analyze potential areas for improvement and devise a number of optimization scenarios. In the process, they account for all of the functions that your packaging needs to provide. The potential impact of any adjustments made to production, transport or storage
is also clearly identified.

3 -  A report you can immediately put to use

The experts compile their findings into a report that typically consists of approximately ten pages. It contains an overview of the areas for improvement that have been identified, specific ways to improve, the results to be expected and the potential impact. You will find measures that you can readily apply to your current packaging without incurring major investments as well as more far-reaching recommendations for your future packaging.

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