Food Contact Guideline: Paper & cardboard

Paper and cardboard have recently issued an update of the Food Contact Guideline for demonstrating the conformity of materials and objects made of paper and cardboard intended for food contact.

Due to the lack of European legislation in the field of paper and cardboard intended for food contact, the supply chain had already under the auspices of CEPI (Confederation of European Paper Industries) and CITPA (The International Confederation of Paper and Board Converters in Europe) as early as 2010. ) issued a first version of this guideline that was revised in 2012.

In addition to CEPI & CITPA, CCB (CEPI Container Board), The Alliance for beverage cartons and the environment, ETS (European Tissue Symposium), ECMA (European Carton Makers Association) and FEFCO (European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers) are also working their way. set this guideline.

The most important elements of this current revision were also used in preparation of a CEN Workshop Agreement that was already launched in 2018. The aim of this process is to develop, at a later stage, harmonized standards in order to provide manufacturers of the paper & board supply chain with a tool to demonstrate compliance with the European Food Contact Materials legislation. This approach is in line with the European Commission's recent commitment to develop standards as part of the legal framework.

The document circulated through UNI / CEN (Sep - Nov "18) for public consultation. A number of the comments received were processed in the current guideline.The official English version of the guideline can be found digitally on the FEFCO website.

IBE-BVI members can receive the PDF of this version upon simple request.