IBE-BVI present at NBN’s Thanksgiving event

As usual, on Thanksgiving Day (22/11/2018), the Bureau for Standardization (NBN) thanked all Belgian experts for their contribution to the development and promotion of standards.

Thanks to its packaging expertise, IBE-BVI has been recognized by the Bureau for Standardization as a Sectoral Operator since 2009 with regards to the "Packaging" domain. This entails that IBE-BVI manages several standardization committees both at the European and at the international level.

Within CEN (European Committee for Standardization) the Technical Committee TC 261 is responsible for setting standards on terminology, dimensions, capacities, marking, test methods, performance requirements and environmental aspects, both in relation to packaging as well as palletized loads. This concerns primary, secondary or tertiary packaging, regardless of the materials, shapes, content or distribution system used.

Within CEN / TC 261 the following subcommittees (SC) and working groups (WG) are active:
o CEN / TC 261 / SC 4 Packaging and Environment
o CEN / TC 261 / SC 5 Primary packaging and transport packaging
o CEN / TC 261 / WG 1 Management standards for packaging or foodstuffs

On international level ISO (International Standardization Organization) is the responsible body for normalization. Within ISO, Technical Committee TC 122 is authorized for packaging.

The following subcommittees are active within ISO TC 122:
o ISO / TC 122 / SC 3: Performance requirements and tests for means of packaging, packages and unit loads
o ISO / TC 122 / SC4: Packaging and the environment

As a sectoral operator, IBE-BVI provides the connection between the experts within these committees on the one hand and the NBN on the other.

In addition, several staff members within the IBE-BVI are also active as experts in various work groups to actively contribute to the development of new standards and the revision of existing ones.

Finally, the ISO 17025 accredited laboratory of IBE-BVI also uses ISO and EN standards for the correct execution of its tests.

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