Standardization: Thank You Event

The Bureau for Standardization (NBN) is organizing, for the 5th time in a row, its "Thank You Event" on Thanksgiving Day (28/11/2019). With this event she wants to thank all experts for their active involvement in the development and evalution of standards and their valuable contribution to standardization. 

What are standards?
 A standard is an agreement on a product, service or process. That agreement is not a binding obligation, but is applied voluntarily by everyone who has an interest in it. However, when a standard is referred to in legislation, its application is mandatory. Furthermore, standards can also be made enforceable by referring to them in contracts or in the context of certification.

Importance of standards:
Using standards offers many advantages:
- sustainability - standards help to establish environmentally friendly, safe and sustainable products or processes;
- cost savings - thanks to more efficiency and higher quality of processes;
- export opportunities - products or services are more easily accepted in other countries;
- innovation - sharing knowledge and new technologies becomes easier;
- customer satisfaction - by increasing the quality of products or services.

The development of standards:
The practical development of standards is done in Belgium by the NBN, the Bureau for Standardization. It does this through standards committees: the NBN brings experts together so that they can develop the standard that relates to their specialization domain. Experts are specialists in a certain field of standardization. They co-write draft standards within that domain, share their knowledge and develop standard in a technical committee. Companies, governments and social actors can delegate experts.

Would you like to participate in the standardization process as an expert within the "Packaging" domain?
IBE-BVI is recognized by the NBN as a sector operator with regard to the "Packaging" domain. If your company has a registered office in Belgium, you can register for one of the standards committees for which IBE-BVI is the sector operator and help us develop new standards based on your practical experience.

Overview Technical Committees for which IBE-BVI is authorized: click here
Interested? Contact M. Calcoen, Coordinator IBE-BVI / Sector Operator