Deep-dive into plastic packaging

Because of its total concept, this training is not only aimed at Packaging experts, but also at Purchasing & Sales Managers, Production Managers and Quality Managers.



Jef Van Dun R&D Fellow, Dow Europe GmbH

Day 1: Materials (01/10/2019)

Module 1: Introduction

Functions / Trends / Convenience  

Module 2: Plastics for packaging

Basic concepts   
Basic properties
Relationship between structure and property
Preparation of plastics
PE, PP, other polymers

Module 3: Properties - Visit of the IBE-BVI Lab 

Physical properties
Thermal properties
Optical properties
Mechanical properties
Barrier, shrink, stretch, ESCR

Day 2: Processing of plastics  (02/10/2019)

Module 4: Film extrusion 

Extrusion - Co-extrusion
Blown film (and oriented versions)   
Cast film  (and oriented versions)

Module 5: Extrusion containers

Bottles, shells, cups, labels, caps

Module 6: From Film to Laminate

Oriented films
Cutting and winding
Multilayer structures

Module 7: Packaging machines

Principles of packaging machines
Overview of packaging machines
Cost and investment run
Influence of packaging material on speed and performance

Day 3: Properties, Functionality & Applications

Module 8: Functionality in packages

How are laminates built up
Sealing, peel seal and barrier properties
Modified Atmosphere ¨Packaging

Module 9: Legislation for Food Packaging

Module 10: Plastics & Sustainability

Sense and nonsense of bioplastics
Bioplastics groups and properties
Circular economy and forecast

Module 11: Applications - Case Studies

How are specifications created
Simple and more complicated structures
Processed food, meat and cheese
Exercises - case studies

Extra information:

Timing: Reception 08:30 - Start training 09:00 - End 16:30
Included in the price: training, syllabus, coffee breaks, sandwich lunch


• for SMEs via the SME portfolio
• for food companies (PC 118 and PC 220) via ALIMENTO